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Monkeys with bigger tools
I hate being told my software doesn't work, just because the person involved didn't bother listening to me when I explained how to use it. Makes me wonder what the bloody point is.... Still, I'm cheered up by Office 97's description of the Internet:
A worldwide network of thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of commercial, educational, government, and personal computers. The Internet is like an electronic city with virtual libraries, storefronts, business offices, art galleries, and so on.
Now I remember 1997, and the Internet wasn't much like that (just as it isn't now)...

I'm nothing if not fickle.. The whole plan to coach Frisbee has hit a snag - that being that very few of the kids are really very excited about doing it, and the whole thing is in its infancy anyway. No point in me hanging on here for another week, because nothing will be happening. It's a shame, since I'd been looking forward to teaching them about stacks, and forcing and stuff. Still, there's always the Freshers next year - I get to go to the first practice sessions all over again, hooray :o)

Currently working on the new database - it's another simple one, and to be honest, I've lost all my motivation. I can only stay interested in this job for about a week before I stop caring altogether. *sigh*

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How about the dysfunctional reality?

The internet is like an electronic city with virtual peep shows, seedy sex bars, dubious bordellos and false store fronts. Crowds mill about, not paying one another serious attention until they stop to argue and shout at each other. Company employees with billboards and air horns elbow their way through the crowds, shoving bundles of leaflets into the hands of the unsuspecting, while police officers stand uncaringly to one side, ready to arrest anyone caught overhearing music.

That's a lot more accurate.

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