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Mmm, mini eggs...
Mmm, Oxford is prettier than I remember...

So yeah, I went to Oxford earlier to see Nikki and stuff... Met her at the bus stop and we wandered around a bit, before finding a nice pub to go to. And by nice, I mean quiet and cheap, which is just perfect. We sat in there for like four hours or something just chatting away, and I don't think there was a single awkward silence or anything, which is always very good. Perhaps it's just a symptom of the fact that I babble lots... :o)

Oh, and I bit her. But it wasn't my fault...

Anyhow, eventually our nice quiet back room turned into a loud back room, with lots of guys in there all making lots of noise with the chairs, so we left again and wandered around. We went into Borders, and went through some of the kids' books, along with bridal porn (she's obsessed). It's nice to go to a shop that's open at 9:30pm - everything around here has been closed for four hours by that time. Oh, and we saw lots of very cute things there too... ooh, ideas for birthdays...

Then I went to get my bus, because it was getting late already, so we waited at the bus stop and looked at the stars. Well, I say stars, I really mean star, because that's all there was. I can only assume that the others had better things to do or something. But it was a really nice night - it's been ages since I've been into Oxford properly, and I'd forgotten how pretty it can be... :o)

So yeah, had a good night, have to do it again really soon. Back to work tomorrow, though I might be going to find the guy responsible for Frisbee at the school so I can talk to him about the possibility of coaching and stuff. We shall see... :o)

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mini eggs! non-american-chocolate-pretending-to-be-cadbury's-mini eggs. i am very jealous.

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