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How about I insert the next software solution you request up your arse?
I have good news. My local school is starting an Ultimate Frisbee team. So I've just negotiated with my boss to stay on an extra week, and work half days, so that I can go help out with coaching them. Obviously I need to check this with the school first, but if it's a student-run thing (which seems likely), then it shouldn't be a problem. I'll do my best Waggle/Felix impressions, since I remember most of the stuff they taught me, and try to get them doing some good drills :o)

Don't know if this will work or not, but it's worth a try

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heh heh

Careful you don't scare the little children with your outlandish hair/tiger-shorts, TB ;)
But seriously - I don't have any URLs to hand, but there are quite a few webpages with good tips on teaching newbies how to play Ultimate. Search Google for "teaching ultimate to beginners" or something similar.


i want my high school to have an ultimate team.

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