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The real winner is Ultimate
A few interesting things came of the weekend.. The first was that I got a chance to use my new feet skills in a game. By that, I mean that so long as you are in contact with an in-bounds part of the pitch and not touching anything out of bounds when you catch the disc, then you're in. That means that if you sprint and then jump out of the pitch forwards sliding your foot along the ground behind you, then chances are you'll stay in the pitch. And when you get it right, it looks really neat, and very Felix-like. And I got a chance to actually do that a bit at the weekend, which was really good.

Another thing is that I practically took charge of my hat team for a while. None of the others stepped up to lead calls, or make decisions, or give talks after the game, so I did. It was actually really neat, and proved (as if it were needed) that this sport is doing wonders for my confidence. Being able to take charge of a group of strangers isn't the sort of thing I used to be able to do, but I seem to be okay with it now. And talking to random frisbee players is getting so much easier - I can just go up to people at tournaments and chat...

And finally, not one person at the tournament found out my name. I introduced myself to everybody as TwatBeard, all the Mohawks called me that, and I refused to tell anybody my actual name. The demented logic behind it all is that they're much more likely to remember me if I'm TwatBeard than if I've got a mundane regular name.

Thanks must go out to Nicole, who drove me home from the tournament. Well, it was on the way, so it wasn't too much effort, and they got to use our facilities, so I paid them back, but it was still nice of her. Plus, Nicole is pretty much the best person you could ever bring to your house when parents are around, on account of just how generally outgoing, chatty, nice and polite she is. She made a point of saying to my parents what a nice living room we had, and that she liked the pictures on the wall... Very thoughtful and stuff :o)

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm good with parents! Let me come to your house :P

Come on then - it's not like I've never invited you to come see me :o)

one day... when i have lots of money for lots of petrol, i'll drive on over to the other side of Oxford and see you :D

and reply to my letter dammit! :P

And finally, not one person at the tournament found out my name.

Hehe, good show. Coincidentally, I introduced myself as Giddy-Up to my hat tourney mates, since it was what was on the back of my shirt and thus easy to remember. Funny how just as I start to lament that nickname, it starts to get some use. But it's still a bit of a weak nickname.

Thanks must go out to Nicole, who drove me home from the tournament.

Darnit, I was looking forward to being fed at your place. And perhaps it's no suprise, but Nicole still got everyone down to Brighton well before those of us in Curry's car did. :)

There wasn't time to eat - they were in a hurry because Nicole wanted to see 24

(though she did mention a few things about Curry's driving on Saturday morning ;o)

Slowest driver ever.

Heh I've beaten Curry to Southampton from Brighton by a good ten minutes before, and he had a 15 minute head-start. It's not like I break the speed limit or anything, but I hear he drives everywhere in 5th gear....


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