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Behold, the Spoon King
Oh, how I rock... So yeah, tournament in Loughborough.

It all started at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning, with a car ride to Oxford, followed by a train to Birmingham, then one to Derby, then one to Loughborough, then a taxi to the uni, and I was finally there having missed the first two games (against Bicester (my local team, more or less) and Haze 1). Still, there were 6 games on the first day, so it wasn't a problem. Our next game was against Brunel STD 2, always a tricky one (Brunel tend to beat us, on account of having a lot of players who go to tournaments). However, by some freak chance, we managed to beat them by a margin of two or three points. Hooray!

So we managed to keep our seeding of 11, and since there weren't any crossovers, we went straight into the quarter finals, against Phat 'Eds. They had a really strong, well spirited team, and I think they'd have probably won a crossover and finished in the top eight, but it wasn't to be. They beat us, and went on to win the plate at the end of the day, and also got our spirit vote (and no, I didn't nominate them just because they had nice girls - shame on you bastard mohawks for suggesting it).

Next was the semis, against Brunel STD 2 again. This time they beat us, but only by one point, so on aggregate, we won for that day. That's what I tell myself, anyway. Then it was the Spoon Final, but because there were only 15 teams there, we were against a pickup and won by default. I played much of the game for the pickup team rather than the mohawks, which was actually really good fun - I like playing against my friends. Playing against strangers isn't so amusing...

After all the games, we showered, sent all our stuff back to the house we were staying in, and retired to the pub. I drank a demon concoction of WKD and vodka which ended up being about 4 units in a smallish glass. Then more vodka. Then more WKD. Then more vodka. And more vodka. And then drinking games.... From this point onwards, my recollection isn't quite as good as it should be.

I had a pizza, but only managed about half of it (and it was the only thing I really ate all weekend, oops). Then more alcohol. We played drinking games with the Phat 'Eds guys for ages (and I was the ringleader for much of it, hooray, even if I was too drunk to explain the rules right) by about eight o'clock, the party had started, so the Phat 'Eds team and I went there (I have a habit at tournaments of just attaching myself to other teams, no idea why, but it's good for making new friends). From this point my memory really goes shite, because I started RoShamBo'ing the Phat 'Eds for drinks, and kept losing (thus had to keep drinking). After about 9pm, I recall nothing. So here's an excerpt from Kyle's journal by way of explanation of what went on at the party:
The DJ stank - except for the "standard favorites" (you know, the songs that every DJ has because they're guaranteed to get people dancing), his music was lame, and his DJing was worse than how I played on Saturday. Two highlights to speak of:

1. Felix's first ever 3 Pint Challenge. While he was doing it, he had to continually regurgitate the beer he'd just drunk. Because he upchucked into a couple of nearby empty pint glasses, we were able to estimate that he puked up about a full pint of what he'd just downed. But to his credit, he'd puke it up, and then he'd keep on working away at what was still in the frisbee. Our captain makes us all proud. :)

2. Felix getting us kicked out of the club. I saw all this from my couch. Down on the dance floor, everyone decided to lift some guy up and crowd surf him. On the other side of the room, I watched security notice this and move in. The guy came down, but security disappeared into the throng of people anyways. 10 seconds later, the first guard re-emerged, followed by the second who was dragging someone out. Except, that someone wasn't the surfer, it was Felix. Apparently, in the crowd, after the first guard turned around and started to walk out, Felix followed him and did a taunting dance. The second guard was conveniently right behind him, and that was it for Felix. Kicking Felix out means kicking us all out, so we left (most of us were more than happy to leave, I think).
And for those events, Mohawks won the Party Award for the tournament, and rightly so. I've also been informed that they did play Ice Ice Baby for me (eventually), and I've heard unsubstantiated rumours that I was sharking frisbee girls there, but I don't believe them.

We apparently then went back to our host's house, and I sent text messages to everybody I knew telling them about getting kicked out. Don't actually remember getting to the house that night, which led to the rather amusing fact that when I woke up the next day, I had no idea where I was, having never seen the room before. However, the fact that I was surrounded by fellow Mohawks calmed me down a bit after my initial panic, though I did wonder for a while if I'd passed out at the club and been carried home (but it turns out I was on my feet all night).

Arrived in time for the first game of the hat tournament (randomly selected teams), which was quite an achievement in itself. I was on a team with Dexter from Fish, Kate from Phat 'Eds, Timbers from Haze, Matt from STD, and .. uh .. the short guy. The first problem - none of us were handlers. I'm a long player, the others were mostly middle players, and Matt had a really bad groin strain so couldn't play much. I only spent three points off the pitch the entire day, out of seven games, which was very tiring (hence why I'm not at work right now).

Anyhow, first game of the day was against Felix's team, which we won nicely. I scored on him once or twice (by chance if nothing else), but I expect he did the same to me repeatedly (wasn't paying much attention, could barely walk at the time and it took all my concentration just to see the disc). And my team seemed happy with me - they appreciated having a tall player in the end-zone who could jump and catch awkward discs. And I played a bit of rotation too, so I was a handler for part of the game. In fact, throughout the whole day, I didn't drop a single disc as a handler or middle player. That's the best I've ever done.

Actually, I did play the best ultimate of my life that day. It was partly being on a really good team - Dex has a really good eye for the game (he's been playing for years), Kate was really fast, made intelligent cuts, and was great at catching (it was nice to see a girl who didn't get her ass kicked when marking guys), Matt (when he played) was excellent as a handler and dump, which was good. The problem though was that we just didn't have the right team for winning games. Given that we had no substitute options (the subs were taken by either Matt (on D points) or Kate (when she'd have to mark tall fast guys), and lots of players who were very good at specific positions, we were lacking in several departments.

But yeah, I caught some difficult discs, threw some sweet break-force throws, and made some nice cuts. And it also highlighted a load of ways in which I could improve a lot, and I got lots of advice from the other players. Which is good.

However, the fact that we didn't have a team with the right distributions of skills meant that we got a bit of an arse-kicking... We beat Felix's team, and we beat Gav's team, but otherwise, we lost all our other matches (but not without doing damage to the other teams - there weren't any games that were foregone conclusions by any means). So I came 15th in that tournament too, which means I won the Spoon Final twice. Two Spoons! w00t

But yeah, it was a great tournament, and I really learned a lot from it. Sadly, that's the end of the indoor season now - next on the tournament list is Tour I, and then Rimini.

Bring on outdoors :o)

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