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Usenet Performance Artits
Don't you just love Performance Artits? Yes, it is spelled like that. UPA rules - seems to be a centre of such activities. Myself and DMZ are paying them a visit, just to observe and participate :o)

On other news, a bunch (technically, there are only 4 of them) of rather annoying trolls who have declared "0wn3rsh1p" of the Adjective Army have now been traced. Turns out that their worst enemies are currently known as "Y2 Trolls", whose leader is called The Lame Troll, the new name for a troll once called Wild Bill, who once paid us a rather long visit, and generally interacted with us for a while. I can't help but think that perhaps this minor incursion is due in some way to him.... Bastard :o)

In other news, not doing much. I'd go out, but I can't afford it. So I'm staying in.

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Don't you just love Performance Artits?

No. Not unless I can throw things at them. :-D

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