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Could you forward me the mail Felix send out about Loughborough? Preferably to my hotmail address ( Only, my computer at home has gone down, and so I don't know where I'm meant to get to. It had some details about where the sports hall was and the best way of getting there and stuff. I should be arriving sometime around 10am tomorrow...

Cheers :o)

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Done. It will be in your hotmail box within the next three million years, erm, few minutes.

ok, so i know i'm not kyle :P but i'm sending you an LJ comment to say i shall be online tomorrow from 8pm here time, 1pm for you :)
rach xxx
(if that's not ok, text me and we can do sunday at the same time :))

I'll be playing frisbee... I've got a tournament this weekend, I sent you a message about it...


monday it is :) but you'll have to get yo ass out of bed :P good luck in the tournament :)

i just sent you an email, but yeah :) i miss you jamie...

I miss you too... *kiss* Not long to go now :o)

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