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Today's Terror Forecast
Brought to you by the Hysterialogical office

Unstable conditions in the east this week are likely to bring with them unsettled terror levels in the United States and allied nations. Throughout the week, individual probability of death will be a reasonable 40-50, with spikes in the high 90s (percentage chance of dying, as opposed to celcius). Over the border in Canada, they will be enjoying levels of around 0.

Better wrap up in protective clothing, because lethal airborne particulates are forecast to rise dramatically in all major cities, including yours. Nuclear winds are not currently present, but it is suggested that an instability on the Korean peninsula may change that.

Overall Terror Rating: Puce
Local Preparedness: Carrot
Nationwide Evil-Doer Threat Level: Spherical

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It's a great time to be living 20 or so min from D.C.! *Cough*

and, mr webley, just what are you doing going on lj at work? ;)

I'm a bit bored....

I've done all my work, I'm just waiting for my boss to be free to check it and tell me what he wants parts of the database to do.

gosh, you're sexy when you talk serious ;)

I'm sorry some of us have to be grown-ups from time to time :oP

ah, your boss'd love me... ;)

Probably not for reasons I'd approve of :oP

I wish I could say that Canada is free of threats, but it's not.

While adamently remaining out of the war so long as there is no UN resolution, Canada is nonetheless a country of western society; right now, all such countries should consider themselves threatened. Sympathising terrorists will attack wherever they can - many may not be able to get into the US, but that won't stop them from causing damage.

The Canadian/US border entry points will probably be almost impossible to get through right now, meaning terrorists who were expecting to get into the US through Canada, may not risk it.

Vancouver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and is the major portal airport between North America and Asia.

So while I wish I could say the chances of Canadian cities being hit by terrorist attacks were zero, and while I suspect they'll be low compared to the US... The threats are still there.

The meaning wasn't entirely that Canada is perfectly safe (though I believe it's much safer than the US and Britain), but about the perception of the threat.

In the US, from what I've seen, everybody takes the threat of terrorism so personally. Half the population expects terrorists to come after them individually, and the media harps on about danger levels, and generally excites the population with threats of impending doom.

In Canada (the country that brought us, the media seems to be a little more restrained. It's not constantly telling the population that terrorist attacks are inevitable, nor is it threatening that everybody is going to die really really soon. It tells it like it is - that an attack is highly improbable, and isn't something to worry about day to day (from what I've seen of the Canadian mainstream media, anyway).

Canadian citizens don't seem to walk around in blind fear, whereas American ones often do, having been pumped full of bullshit by the media. Which was more or less the point I was trying to get across in that sentence ;o)

Think I should use this line the next time somebody mistakes me for an American? :)

Damnit, the main PC in this house has gone dead, and this one doesn't have sound... Give me a week and a half, and I'll tell you :o)

i'm not so much worried about a personal attack just as an attack.
i'm not only an american (hated because of everything plus the new war), but i live in new york city (hated as major capitalist, american, largely populated city).

but to be honest, i'm a lot more concerned with being attacked by the police because i decide to protest. apparently everyone opposed to the war is now un-american.

argh!! excuse me while i go break something now....

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