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There's a movie or TV show or something where somebody pisses in somebody's pocket... I'm getting Goodfellas / Analyze This type vibes for some reason, but I'm pretty sure it's neither of those.

Can anybody enlighten me?

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I can't, but I added you to friends list for various reasons. Hope that is o.k.??

I don't recall anything like that in Goodfellas.

I remember something like that in something I've watched this term, and apart from Goodfellas the only film I can think it might have been was Reservoir Dogs...

Hold on - wasn't it Ocean's 11?? Brad Pitt comes to mind.

Re: Reservoir Dogs?

I thought about Brad Pitt - I was thinking Fight Club at first, but decided it wasn't that...

Ocean's 11 sounds possible, certainly...

Re: Reservoir Dogs?

Ah, now I know where the Brad Pitt thing comes from.

And the gangster vibes.

It's in Snatch, in one of the deleted scenes, I think. Success!

Yup, I was just about to say the same thing - one of my mates reminded me at hall :-)

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