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This is how I feel every day :o)

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This is how I feel every day

Yeah! Know how you feel!!

Ahhh, <3 Calvin and Hobbes!

And subsitute in tiger-stripe boxers for planet-and-star boxers, and it's how you dress every day, too!

*lick* unfortunately your radiant self belief/huge pulsating brain is all part of your charm. dammit. *kiss*

Well obviously.. I mean, what else is there to me anyway? ;o)

ok, here we go nauseating all the other commenters :P

1) you are not only clever, you're cocky with it to. this might sound weird, but you're waaay sexy when you're pissing off your mum. ;)
2) you have eyes that no thai sea can imitate. they're incredible.
3) you eat about 4 different types of food which is really kinda endearing
4) your thighs ;)

shall i go on? ;)

Cocky? Is it cocky to know you're smarter than everyone around you? Is it?! ;o)

Not quite sure how the food thing is endearing as such.... :o)

And what is it with you and my thighs? There are much nicer bits of me. My lower legs are much better... As is my stomach (though it pokes out a bit right now)... Whyyyyy the thiiiighs?

oh i don't know, why do you like my chest area so much? ;) who knows...

they're just so fucking yummy. mmhmm.

do you think you're cleverer than me? ;)

Cos you've got boobies :oP

It's built-in that men have to like womens' chests, duh...

As for whether I think I'm cleverer than you - well, I couldn't possibly comment ;o)

hehehe. to be honest though, i know exactly how clever i am, so we really don't need to fight about it. ;)

and the boobies thing is not the same. i like your thighs more than anyone elses. whereas by default you must like all boobies... ;)

waaah... you don't love a specific part of meeee!


I'm glad you're capitulating without a fight... ;o)

As for loving specific bits of you, I do. I just can't repeat it here ;o)

And your boobies are good. Better than other peoples'. So there.

send me a text with exactly what you like best now, bitch ;)

And what do you mean think I'm cleverer? ;o)

well, it's all relative isn't it? ;)

I'm sure you'd like to believe that ;o)

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