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Is it really about whether we can legally go to war?

I mean, ultimately, are we the best judges of that legality anyway? And would it make a difference? If this war is morally justified, then legal or otherwise, it would be necessary to take part. And if it's not morally justified (which is pretty much what I think), then legal or not, it's still wrong.

And yeah, we're hardly the best judges. If we want it to be legal, I'm sure we can interpret the precedents that way. If we wanted it to be illegal, I'm sure we could see it that way too. It's not up to us.

Well done to Robin Cook, he stood by his principles where Claire Short failed to do so.

I had a nap earlier this evening so that I could be up for 1am, for the president's address. I'll watch it on CNN or Fox News or something (mmm, cable), just to get the American reaction.

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This whole thing is so fucking ridiculous. I hope the rest of the world doesn't think that America is represented by the media or our government. There are quite a few of us who have not been brainwashed by idiotic propoganda.

That being said, I ought to just pack my bags and start running before they send out the dogs for me not being "patriotic" and speaking out against this fricking idiocy.

Well, you know this American's reaction.

Is it "bomb those damned Iraqi sons of dogs"? ;o)

I decided on watching CNN over Fox News in the end - I couldn't handle the extreme-right spin on Fox...

It's rather silly - they keep on making references to 9/11 as if this war will prevent such attacks in future. Somebody needs to remind them that those 6,000 people were killed by planes, not weapons of mass destruction. Taking (alleged) chemical weapons away from Iraq isn't going to make everybody immune to conventional terrorist stunts.

But then, I don't know why I'm babbling right now, because you know all this.... :o)

Re: -sigh-

and has anyone noticed the media's huge failure to make a distinction between 9/11 and iraq? you know, 9/11 which was the work of al quaeda, osama bin laden, and so on... and iraq, saddam hussein, etc, which is a different case entirely and yet has been lumped together with 9/11 seemingly to try and stir up public support?


It's all done deliberately. The stronger people feel, the more interested they become, and the more money the media gets. That's what happens when you have news channels with advertisements on them.

I can't stand Fox News. I can't even get past their voice-synthesized claim to "fair and balanced reporting" long enough to see their extreme-right spin.

And fucking Geraldo Rivera. If anyone dies in this war...

Sorry... That wasn't very nice. But, I really, really don't like him. :oP

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