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So, once more I'm back in Chinnor, in order to sell my soul for a bit of employment. Still, £540 would be very useful indeed, for things like rent, and Rimini.

I don't really have anything to say. I rarely do when I'm here, though work often has a habit of forcing me into getting all political and stuff.

In random news, I weigh 11 stone and 10 pounds, which means that I'm only 8lbs under average, and am not technically underweight. Hooray.

Mostly, I've been playing frisbee with Ed (he has a wicked backhand), playing guitar, or playing Vice City. It's a hard life ;o)

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for the first time ever i weigh less than you.

I'm sure when you were born you weighed less than me.

I'm not convinced... it's hard to imagine...

Fat northern bastard

i'm not so sure. remember how fat i was even as a baby...

But it wasn't you that did the Winston Churchill impression

kill, kill, maim, kill, maim

i have to go beat up a cop


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