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Just did a search on myself on Google. Came up with some interesting pages - L-Space put up an IRC chat interview with Terry Pratchett that I transcripted for them, and credited me (see here). I was observed using the word "thanx" in it - ugh.... I don't know what was wrong with me back then, but I rarely did stuff like that, I swear :-)

And now I'm looking at Genealogy Data on a James Webley who had six kids - Emma, Henry, John, Jane, Julia and Edward. The guy certainly liked his J's, evidently... Died a month after his 60th birthday, had two wives... His son Edward married some lass, but didn't have any kids. It's so weird reading about people who share mine and my brother's names...

Oh God - and now I've found Byers' website (he's on of the Adjective Army)... Let's find what he's said about me... Ooh, I'm credited for having written the Adjective Army FAQ. He then goes on to call the AA a "group of certified morons" - I like that we're certified :o) He then goes on to describe me thus:
"The Unknown James
Our <sarcasm> beloved </sarcasm> Commander with an ego the size of Nebraska."
And he then later describes me as:
"James Webley, the bandwidth hoarder, with an ego the size of Nebraska (knowing him, he'll take that as a compliment, I'm sure). :o) "

Ugh, that's enough of that, I think.... Tried to find Stevie or Enforcer's Adjectives with Deja... Failed, due to Deja sucking. Oh well.... Nobody is about much, and I'm going offline now anyway to conserve funds, so later...... :o)


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