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The Asshole is Back
I couldn't leave my army. I tried, but I simply couldn't do it. Resubscribed to AFAA, AGTS, AGSC now... AGGTA is still off my list, as is AGST - I don't need the hassle of extra groups - just my ones. My current goal is to have everybody in the AA using e-mail addresses - so far, about half of them are, which is good.

I've just HTML-ized the full Adjective Army FUQ. It can be found here:

I like it, but then, it was written entirely in my own sense of humour, which may not be to the liking of everybody present...

Had a weird dream, where I had exams at 2pm, and it was 1pm, and I had to take a shower, and our flat was at home, and Brad also wanted to use the shower, so I went in the upstairs one (which doesn't exist in reality), which was identical to the bathroom in the house I lived in until age 6. It's all rather odd, really... Oh, and I was walking around outside the flat nude. Freaky. Then I had to leave for my exams....

Anyway, back to reality mode.... Phew.... Um, didn't go to my workshop in the end, due to a combination of sleeping in, and the knowledge that I need to catch up first. I hope I don't miss any assessed assignments - I really ought to talk to David (a guy on my course) about what there's been so far. As for programming - I shall download the assessment later, and make a start on it. It's all about doing a GUI interface for a simple program, so I should be fine with that. Well, I hope so anyway. Tomorrow's timetable has me doing Further AI (which is good, it'll help me catch up some more), Maths Methods, and having a Computing Workshop (for which I can download the material in advance, and practice it).

Smileys. Aren't they funny? I do them totally unintentionally. After I say sufficiently funny things, I feel the need for them in the sentence, just like you feel the need for a full stop. It's rather sad, when you look at it....

I've decided to make my life entirely public, and to do so on the server. Simply because I can use ASP. So I'll have my journal up there, plus a load of other stuff too. I'll either write myself a perl script to do it (I'm learning a bit of perl, see...), or I'll just update it manually. I think I'm going to go with the perl right now - seems to be the easiest option. Things I'll have there are my journal, my friends' journals, my shopping list, my timetable, my due-dates for assignments, and everything else of myself I can put online, pretty much :o)

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Re: The Asshole is Back

Long live the Asshole!!!

May I be considered as a potential Army recruit? :-)

Re: The Asshole is Back

You'd have to hang around AFAA, AGTS and AGRA for quite a while first :o)

Re: The Asshole is Back

Thoroughly acceptable, will do. :-)

Hi, you seem like an interesting person.
:) Cristina

He's very "interesting". He's also "special".

But we love our James really. Even though he is mostly unknown.

Interesting face in your picture, by the way. Is it yours? My condolences. :-)

Thats not my face. Everyone asks me about the icon I have. The icon is a buddy icon for aol instant messenger.

I'm glad it's not your face. If I had a face like that, I'd get a refund!

Glad to see you! Sad to see you use AOL. Glad to see you!

I don't use AOL. I just use their insant messenger.

This truely pleases me no end.

Interesting. On many levels. I shall do this like a classic Amiga or Specrum game.

Level 1: Search for the Scroll of Dr Windlesow!

The intredpid 10x7 pixel hero walks, without moving his limbs, around. Sumbling on a 15x15 pixel bit of paper, he reads it. Thus! It is the AA:FUQ. Pleased, is he, amused too.

Level 2: Search for the house of Dr Windlesow!

The 10x7 pixel hero does a smile, yet feels bizzare. The abuse of English language is emmence, since so many words can explain happiness but the use of a three-character "doodle" is used and more acceptable. :-O

Level 3: Meeting Arrangements with Dr Windlesow!

Our 10x7 pixel hero discovers the lack of LiveJournal in Dr Windlesow's life, shortly after the good Doctor paid $25 to the bar keep. Surely this Dr Windlesow is a fool! Our hero mocks him openly.

Level 4: The Meeting with Dr Windlesow!

Out 10x7 pixel hero meets Dr Windlesow, and it promptly eaten.

Who's this, Adam Curzon or someone else I don't know? : /

Re: The Formidable Adam

It's an Adam of the Curzon variety, yes... Seems like all your mates want in now - I expect Syrius will be next :o)

Re: The Formidable Adam

Hmm...did Adam actually ask for an Adjective, I'm sure he always said he wasn't that bothered about it...

Syrius has always wanted in, well since he got net access anyway. :)

Re: The Formidable Adam

I quote the thread "I wonder if I might be considered worthy...", in which he says:

"I wonder if I might be considered worthy enough to be included in the Adjective Army. I have been posting here and on AGRA, AGRA2 (was one of the first) and AGTS for quite a while, although I haven't posted much in the last month because of news server problems and work.

I will thank you in advance for the flaming that I will know doubt recieve :-)"

As for Syrius - all he need do is ask, I think... Chas will let him in :o)

Re: The Formidable Adam

I wonder if Syrius is still reading Journal? If not I may have to pass that on to him. :)

I think Adam may get a ribbing about that post when I get home...I'm dreading catching up on all the posts I've missed while I've been away, I'll be spending all night tomorrow reading up :)

Re: The Formidable Adam


I thought this was "Army-by-invite"? The best sort of army in my oppinion!

Still I am happy you have confidence in me :)

And my apologies, now I am back at Uni I am unable to keep up my usual level of activity... At least untill the weekend when my witty, noble, exciting, modest self will once again grace your screens...

Or to put it in more commonly used words:

"Oh bugger! That silly sod is back!"

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