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My Hair
Okay, I'm willing to accept ideas for what I should do with my hair.

.. and green, but oddly, I can't find a good picture of that (perhaps because it was shite ;o)

So, given that, I want suggestions. I need to do something impressive for going to Rimini in a few weeks, so throw your ideas at me.

What colour?

What style? (though I'd like something mohawk-like)

Right.... Time to go do something, or eat....

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Just to clarify my answer:
I am only saying this because all your other hairstyles looked crap really..

how long is you hair at the moment?

Pretty short around the sides, about an inch, give or take, on the top

eheh. dammit. not long enough for extensions.

Don't you find beige is unappreciated?

im not one for style tips, but you could grow the top longer and spike it into 2/3inch long spikes, dye it dark blue at the base and light blue at the tips, shave the sides short, you could even shave designs into that if you feel arty. high maintenance though.

dude, do liberty spikes. fun stuff. just be careful not to hurt anyone. cool site btw.

-denise (

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