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Bush Confirms Intention to Invade Anyway
US President George W Bush has told the United Nations that their "ineffectual liberal club" will not stand in the way of an American victory in Iraq

In a news conference at the White House, live on satellite networks across the globe, Mr Bush attacked the UN's indecision and lack of blood-thirst, along with specific insults levelled at France, Germany and Russia.
Bush maintains his position that conflict cannot be resolved without force

The president was speaking at his first full press conference since November, ahead of a crucial report by the chief UN weapons inspector, which he denounced as "more Iraqi propaganda".

In another verbal attack, President Bush accused Hans Blix of being a "god damned peacenik", who "has an agenda to keep our military out of Iraq". He went on to suggest that he wouldn't trust any report written by such a man.

"Saddam is not disarming, and will never disarm, and no UN report will ever change that fact. The sooner the ineffectual liberal club that calls itself the UN sees this, the better for all humanity. This is a country filled with evil-doers, and I will not rest until we bulldoze every terrorist training camp, military base, hospital and school into the ground."

The United States will be calling for a vote on a new resolution on military action in Iraq regardless of whether such a resolution will pass. In the event that the vote fails, he suggested that the USA would go to war anyway, thus rendering the UN irrelevant to world events. This, he blamed on France.

"If they continue to oppose military action, then they won't get what they want. The only way they can achieve their goals is to bring them in line with ours. You're either with us or you're against us"

Sometimes this reporter wonders whether what he writes is far enough away from the truth to be valid satirical commentary, or whether he is just inadvertantly reporting the facts.

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Your concluding paragraph beat me to my intended point; thus, I shall simply observe that Dubya appears to be air-fellating in that photo.

Wow, you are totally satirising satire my reporting the facts in a satirical tone.


I know, I was going to make some comment about "blowing Iraq to Hell" or something in the caption, but decided against it :o)

I too am sleepy, but I have rheumatism, so I can't sleep. I'm also talking to a Finnish lunatic, which is distracting.

Hehe. Maybe too subtle for this time of morning. *rolls eyes*

I will probably sleep soon. Or go read. Go read my latest post and stuff, thankyou please. :D

Hope the rheumatism subsides, dude.

(Deleted comment)
Ahh, good. Glad to see it wasn't just me...

interesting that he wants to bulldoze the hospitals and schools..

" I will not rest until we bulldoze every terrorist training camp, military base, hospital and school into the ground."

i was watching it live, and i dont think he actually said that. i'm not pro war or anything. i just dont think he said that. he did say a lot of extremely "america is the best and we will make the world worship us" type of things. as he usually does. and during the questions from the press part he kept stopping and waiting for his earpiece to tell him the answer.

Uh.. the entire post was a joke, a work of fiction. It was just unfortunate that it happened to look an awful lot like the truth....

One word really describe George W Bush most accurately I feel - WANKER!

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