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And now I am dead
Good God. I have never put myself through anything like that before...

So yeah, fitness training with Jimbo, Waggle, Tom, Petri, and (for some of it) Felix. It's been years since I last did anything for the sole purpose of increasing my fitness, and it really does show - my lungs are just so small, I can't get nearly enough air into them.

So yeah, the first drill (the 'kill drill') was a running back and forth drill. In pairs, one person has the disc, and throws it into space, and the other person runs to catch it, then throws it back. Then the first person throws it into another area of space, about 10m away, and the second person runs to catch it there. The idea is that the second person is always running the whole time, and it gets bloody tiring.

After that, there was a throwing drill - have to complete 35 throws each, and every time somebody either drops the disc, throws it away, or has to move their pivot foot in order to reach it, then the pair has to do two push-ups and two sit-ups, at the end. And the 35 throws are done in blocks of five each of: backhand, outside-in backhand, inside-out backhand, sidearm, outisde-in sidearm, inside-out sidearm, hammer. At the end of that, Waggle and I had to do 18 push-ups and 18 sit-ups each, which wasn't easy. Especially since I've never done more than 5 push-ups in a row.

Then there was the sprint drill. It went something like this - spring to the first marker, do 10 push-ups, sprint to the next marker, do 10 sit-ups, sprint to the next marker, do 10 burpies (or something, it's a weird-ass full body workout starjump thing), then sprint back to the start and another pair will do it. Repeat that up to a total of four times. So in total, I did about 60 push-ups today, which I'm impressed with, since as I said before, 5 is really my limit.

But yeah, now I'm completely f'ing knackered out. My body is going to ache so much tomorrow, but I feel really fit and healthy, and that's the important thing as far as I'm concerned... :o)

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obviously don't think your increased fitness and will turn me on or anything, as you well know i've always been into the geeky boy look... but how are your thighs? *drools*

Rock. Solid.

And achy.. :o)

oh no. that sort of description isn't allowed at all... still, it's 4 weeks tomorrow... ;)

I think my calves are a lot more impressive than my thighs anyway... They're certainly growing too... It's an odd thing, getting into shape..

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