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Oh no!
I forgot to add alt.romath to my list of newsgroups - I feel so foolish. Then again, I can't necessarily remember the background for that one, so I guess I can be forgiven.

Anyhow, I've spent much of my evening sleeping - the secret to getting to lectures last term was spending evenings sleeping, as well as the nights. So I've had myself a few hours of sleep, and I'll now go eat dinner, and then get a few more hours sleep, just to make sure that I'm awake in time for lectures tomorrow. I have a Further AI seminar, in which I will be shite because I don't know the material really, a Stats lecture which are easy enough, and a Maths Methods lecture, also nice and easy.

Anyway, I think I'll be going now, and feeding myself. Once I've woken up a bit more, perhaps I'll give you another post which 1) makes sense and 2) is longer. Later :o)

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Three paragraphs? And just the other day* you were saying how you hated that.

Not to time-scale

No I didn't. I said that I wrote more than most other people on my friends list. And, to be fair, those three parahraphs are still quite a lot by most peoples' standards.

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