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Ahh, there's no feeling better than sitting naked underneath an open window, and not feeling cold.

Okay, that seems weird, but seriously. Even though it's March, the air is nice and fresh and cool, and not at all cold. 'tis really nice :o)

So, the plan for now is to go to Biology, then hand something in for Jimbo, then Frisbee, then Biology, then meet up with Quinn etc. on campus so that I can meet the 4th girl I'll be living with next year.

And in random news - Tatu on TOTP last week was fun - for the sole reason that during the live bits, their Russian accents came through. Mmm, Russian accents.... And no, I have no idea where that came from or what prompted me to think about it, my head is lodged in random mode today.

Right, time I was getting ready to go....

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You should download the Tatu cover of "How Soon Is Now" by the Smiths. They sound like Ramada from the Hot Shots movie...

It's also funny when they sing "I am the son and heir of..."...

Uh, I've had that cover for ages. I wrote about it in my journal a few weeks back, and you commented about it. Silly boy :o)

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