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How could you take the girl away?
Something I recorded earlier...

Suckers for Self Destruction - Betrayed

I'm not too impressed by the vocals, but it was another song which I learned just by listening, rather than by downloading a tab (because as far as I know, none exists online). It's kinda a more acoustic type cover of the song, which is really what I should've done for my cover of Speak and the Devil Appears, but I wasn't thinking.

Well, I like it anyway.....

This picture was taken.. oh.. years ago.. makes me laugh

I can't help but think that I look a little like my brother in it :o)

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Well I liked the cover, and thought the song was really good so I went and downloaded the ak version.

You should get lots of AK stuff. They are good :o)

you were listening to sleep :D

That looks distrubingly like me with short hair... :-\

BTW, your cover of Betrayed is really good.

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