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By the way, anybody who wants a chilling insight into how hatred starts would do well to look here:


It really is quite horrifically disturbing...

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i am now physically sickened becuase of that.... =P

As was I - that's why I felt I had to share...

you know, i read that community name and though "there are people who dislike left handed people?"


Ah, bless you, sweet innocent Rzchzl :o)

but I am not alone in my innocence. eheheheh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.




that's exactly what I thought!

i thought that too heh

then i read it and i realized how ignorant people are.

they should utilize their free education and learn something and not be such ignoramuses

ye gods

if is moves, salute it. if it doesn't, bash it, shoot it and call it a moral victory.

(replace "moves" with "waves a flag")

Quite right... round em up and gas them I say.

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