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From a spam e-mail I just got...
The medical community now confirms that the "mind" is a woman's most powerful sexual organ.
I can't help but imagine Dr Evil saying that, complete with laser-style quotes around "mind"...

I watched Boys and Girls earlier, in case Vicky and Penny were on it. I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen a worse TV show in my life - it was even more dire than I expected. For starters, there was no real flow to it, it was all fragmented and disjointed. The whole thing basically went something like:

Part 1: Take random people from the audience, and tell them that the rest of the audience has voted them as being a minger

Part 2: Get a few peoples' parents onto the show and have them being embarrassingly sexual

Part 3: See what trivial crap last week's contestants bought with their winnings

Part 4: Danii Minogue comes on and sings a song

Part 5: We get to see whether last week's people get to keep their stuff

Part 6: Jade from Big Brother comes into it and acts annoying and loud

Part 7: Based on a couple of banal questions, one of the gender groups becomes ineligible to win

Part 8: Three of the winning gender are put to a vote to see who gets to win, including the one voted most attractive by the opposite sex

Part 9: The most attractive one invariably wins, and picks an equally vacuous 'fave babe' from the other gender group

Part 10: I realise that I have wasted an hour of my life, didn't get to see my friends on the show, and would rather have spent that time undergoing painful bowel surgery.

Compelling viewing? I think not....

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oh my. it looked bad from the trailors, but.. still. Apparently this is "youth" TV.


oh, *that* was what they were supposed to be in. it was really dire, wasn't it? curse my inopportune pizza-eating times.

hooray for the youth of the nation. i want to put a bullet in the head of the girl who said she'd buy "ten rolex watches, just to really bling it out... and ten versace dresses!"

the program prompted rob to question how long our species will survive, and rob isn't a very philosophical person, you know.

it was just... bad... ugh.

there wasn't even any nudity. *that's* how you get votes, girls? hahahahaha.

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