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James - nil points
Well, I hope so. But that's not the case. See, in my Further Programming lecture I attended today, I overheard two people talking about the requirements for being kicked off your course. This only applies to COGS, but apparently, you need 12 points to get kicked off. You get a point for every seminar you miss, and every piece of work you fail to hand in. Now presumably this works on a per-term basis - it seems foolish that people with 4 seminars a week can only miss three in any given term, as would be the case if it were yearly. So basically, I just have to seriously avoid going over this boundary. Thankfully, since I only have two COGS seminars per week, what I've missed so far only amounts to four points. If I miss tomorrow's 9:15am seminar (which I'll try not to do), that'll be 5, and then I'll really start to worry. But I hope not to miss that, since I kinda need to get back into the swing of Further AI. More to follow on that subject in a minute...

So anyhow, did Maths Methods lecture. My secondary skill in Maths (after probability, but before stats) is Differentiation, and that's what we're doing right now. Multiple partial differentiations of compound formulae, or something. Whatever it is, I'm getting pretty good at it. Me and James (as in Maths James, who used to do Management, and at one point was referred to as Vicky's James, also known as No-Bollocks James) solved Fxy (or was it Fyx) of SQRT(X^2 - Y). Differentiate with respect to X, then with respect to Y. Just because it was there. Somebody wrote it on a piece of paper, so we decided to just solve it. I enjoy doing maths just for the sake of it - it's when they ask me to do it for my degree that I object :o)

So, basically, Maths Methods is going well. I have a Stats lecture at 3pm, but that's, frankly, piss-easy. So my maths is back on track now, thankfully. Worksheets are still looking quite difficult, but the important thing for me is that I'm understanding the course content - being able to do the worksheets follows from that. Additionally, I think I'm also good with the Further Programming - it all seems doable, we're mostly just talking about GUIs, which I can do fine... So we have Further AI left.

Now this is a problem. I honestly don't know entirely what I'm going to do about it, to be perfectly honest. I've missed 4 lectures on the subject, which is quite a lot quite frankly. And not just that, but I left the Foundations of AI course with less than a perfect understanding of the content. I need to get hold of a copy of the lecture notes, and have a good read of them. Hopefully, at my seminar tomorrow (which I'll be going to having managed to attend the last two lectures, which will be good) I'll be able to find out exactly what the hell I've missed. I'm not sure when our assignment is due in, which is a minor problem, but I ought to be able to find out before it's actually due, which is something I guess.

I'm now down to just AGRA and AFUJ in terms of news. But DMZ kindly crossposted one of my messages to AFUJ through:

  • alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk - Affectionately known as Flonkers, the denizens of AAVFFF were once masters of amusing posts and clever cascades, but since then the quality of their posts has seriously decreased, to the point where, quite frankly, they're just talking shit.
  • alt.snuh - Rather annoying trolls, as it goes. Led by Dean Humphries (and participated in by most of the AGHLTFC lads), they target posts in newsgroups and just reply with "snuh?", "buh?", "duh?", "...." cascades. It gets boring and repetitive quickly, but apparently it's a hard habit to break :o)
  • alt.snetter - The home of the old AGHLTFC denizens. So called, because one of their "insults" (if you like) is "F'in Snetters"... The secret of what a Snetter actually is is one that few know. I know exactly what it means, who coined it and such, but so many are in the dark. I'm not telling :o)
  • alt.folklore.snuh - Like alt.snuh, although this group was created in order to annoy the morons in alt.folklore.urban, who (led by Simon Slavin) were a pain in AGHLTFC's ass. I dread to think what they've since reduced AFU to....
  • - Initially colonised by a bunch of stuck up Harvard wankers (or similar), it was quickly taken over by the Army of Meow, who have resided there ever since. Now there is a group who are capable of a pretty neat cascade. The 'Nosers haven't been involved in any of my groups lately, so I don't know whether they're still up to it, but I like to think so.
  • alt.troll - Where all the little kids go when they want to troll. "Pir8" went there, Bean went there, you get the general idea. However, at one point, a few of the bigger guys used to hang out there. This was about the same time the Outsider and myself showed up. I have little recollection of what we actually did there, but I seem to recall it getting us incredibly well known by a few big names for quite a while...
  • - Adie is a mate from AGHLTFC, one of the leading Snuh'ers, and generally pretty cool, when he's not mindlessly cascading. I took him along on an Adjectivization or two, and he and his group had a pretty good time. Now operates with his own particular means of trolling - i.e., hanging out with Dean and doing Snuh cascades.
  • alt.syntax.tactical - Really, just a concession to the good old days. As far as I can tell, AST has been deserted for quite some time. A few years back, these were the guys you feared most on Usenet - these were the people who took over and destroyed newsgroups, just because they were smart enough to be able to do it. Through means of infiltration, they'd subvert newsgroups incredibly well. The group has since gone to pot, with the emergence of really bad trolls (in the sense of not being much good, rather than evil).
  • - UTB (Under The Bridge), my favourite group of trolls. If you're looking for a trolling operation with morals, this is them. They would leave a group if asked nicely, only targetted groups which really deserved it, and were just generally pretty darned cool. Their operations are what the Adejctive Army's Adjectivization scheme is loosely based on, although we opt for a time limit on our activities, rather than a cessation on request. Nevertheless, it's quite similar. UTB also spent much time targetting Pedophile rings on Usenet, and having the relevant people's details being sent to the police and such. Pretty good thing to do, if you ask me. In recent times, Wild Bill (their leader) has left, which is a shame. When UTB came to troll, the Adjective Army seemed to impress WB enough that he decided not to bother us - a pretty smart guy... :o)
Ah, I love crossposts... That was bloody nice of him. Now I'll have crossposts to keep me company in my little self-imposed cost-cutting cage :o)

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Just wondering, why do people (not just yourself) feel the need to go on these little battles?

Not having a go at you, or anything like that. Just simply curious. It seems there's a whole under-world of wars and things going on.

Know what? I couldn't really say... There's just something about people who are easily wound up that makes you want to go after them and piss them off. I often just feel the need to make these people very angry, because they take life (and Usenet in particular) way too seriously.

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