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Whatever the Ataris say, they are emo. Only an emo band can get this sort of response from a fan:
Hey!!...i've been a fan of The Ataris for well over two years now, and im so freaked up about ' so long astoria'....When i heard the ataris where playing in UK, i knew i had to go and see them!...( i travled from west wales to manchester...about 100 odd miles!!)...but the ataris have helped me through so much in my life, braking up with girlfriends etc...and i can relate to the lyrics, and it helps me get through the hard times. Seing the ataris live have made me realise how much of an amazing band they are, and they are the coolest and kindest people in rock by a long way!..anyways, just wanted to say that ( doubt anyone will actually read this anyway...but if someone does, im sure they'll have the same things to say about the ataris!!)

I have live Audio Karate MP3s, and in a few minutes (once the damned software is done processing them) I'll have live videos too. Mmmm....

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it's not emo though, the emo kids love that crap, but you know, it's just punkpop :oP Nothing more, little less :o)

Uh, it really is emo though... it's all bullshit heartfelt songs about getting dumped, and wanting girls, and all the other crap which kids can relate to.

I was under the impression that probably 70% of music was written about stuff like that. Even the ones who put it across far less eloquently...

It depends how you present it, and on the audience's reaction...

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