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OK then, so I've already missed one thing today. Due to an inability to get up within half an hour of my alarms going off (all three of the buggers), I am now unable to attend my Further Programming workshop. But, while this is a compulsary thing and I ought to attend it, I do see how it might be best if I attend a FP lecture just to check where we're up to before I try anything like actually going to a class without prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Heh, just realised, under my old format, the subject of this post would read "I am Jack's Nuts". That's never good.... Anyhow, so, as to the rest of today - well, I have a maths lecture at 11:30am, on Mathematical Methods (one of the two things I need to seriously catch up on), followed by a lecture on Further Programming (which I need, just to make sure I'm caught up on it), followed then by a lecture on Stats and Probability, which I'm doing quite well on. So, like, basically, it's time to put some clothes on and go eat breakfast, which will consist of cheese, marmite and peanut butter on toast. Yummy!

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Have you ever tried adding Branston Pickle to that lovely sandwich, out of curiosity?

Lady, you are sick! ;o)

Bless your little heart for noticing, dear, thank you. ;-)

Of course I noticed - it's one of your finest qualities :o)

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