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I went on an AK downloading spree, because I realised I don't have the demo, and it's always fun to be a completist... Ed, check if this is correct would you? I'm not missing owt am I? And is the version of Betrayed off Kazaa the same as the demo version, or the version on the comp, or are both the same?

Paper Bag Demo
1. Audio Karate - Senior Year (demo)
2. Audio Karate - San Jose (demo)
3. Audio Karate - End Won't Justify The Means
4. Audio Karate - Do You Miss Meaning Everything To Me (demo)
5. Audio Karate - Misfortune
6. Audio Karate - Betrayed
7. Audio Karate - Halfway Decent (demo)
8. Audio Karate - One Day (demo)
9. Audio Karate - Speak and the Devil Appears

Promo CD
1. Audio Karate - Halfway Decent
2. Audio Karate - Hello St Louis
3. Audio Karate - Car Ride Home
4. Audio Karate - Rosemead

Space Camp
1. Audio Karate - Rosemead
2. Audio Karate - Drama Club Romance
3. Audio Karate - Nintendo 89
4. Audio Karate - Halfway Decent
5. Audio Karate - Hello St. Louis
6. Audio Karate - Monster in Disguise
7. Audio Karate - Car Ride Home
8. Audio Karate - Senior Year
9. Audio Karate - One Day
10. Audio Karate - San Jose
11. Audio Karate - Jason
12. Audio Karate - T-San

Misc Tracks
Audio Karate - Do You Miss Meaning Everything (new)
Audio Karate - Monster In Disguise (demo)

Once you send me the video, I'll rip some live MP3s of any songs that are complete on it, along with the video clips too... Which songs are complete on the video, out of interest?

Anyway, nap time...

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You're missing the versions of The End Won't Justify The Means and Betrayed that were recorded for Space Camp, but I can send you those. We have complete live versions of:

Drama Club Romance
Halfway Decent
Hello St. Louis
Monster In Disguise

Groovy, get that video to me ASAP then :o)

And I have another version of End Won't Justify The Means that I've found..

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