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Bollocks to an early night then...
Well, Harry, Alex, James and Claire decided to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, so obviously, I had to watch it, thus scuppering any plans for an early night I may have had. But I'm going to bed now - that's something, isn't it?

Anyhow, the film was good, but for some reason, my ass is a new topic of conversation with people. I really ought to rationalize this whole thing as me being found highly interesting with the others, I guess. I dunno if they think its huge, tiny, what... So tomorrow, I'll get naked for my webcam, and you can judge for yourselves....

..... no, just kidding, don't worry. Anyhow, that's all from me. Lectures from 10:15am tomorrow, so I shall bid you goodnight.

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Maybe tomorrow dear ;o)

Ooh, now THIS is something to look forward to! 8-D

Its quite a pert little thing isn't it Webley? Had this conversation with your mum when we visited you for your birthday!


Thank you Becca, I do so love discussions about my ass...

No, really, do continue ;o)

Thinks: That'll shut her up for now ;o)

You started it! But seeing as you 'ass' is normally covered in a lovely array of long tops then its not really an issue untill i make a joke about you not having an ass to which your mother exposes it ( full covered may I say) and tells me that you have a PERT LITTLE BOTTOM!!!!!TeeHee, look forward to seeing you and your ass soon!

Bah... You're all to leave my ass alone :o(

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