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Right, in a few minutes, I'll be off up to Manchester... Just getting in some last minute packing right now - I'll inevitably forget something important, but at least David has the tickets, so there's no risk of me forgetting that... :o)

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You're sleeping at David's arn't you? Have a good time at the concert

hi jamie... you're used to sending texts abroad to rachel, right? really hoping u (or anyone else) can help me...
i'm texting someone who's currently in france and i sent the message to their number but with the +44 before it. will it still get delivered even though they're in france?
also, can you get delivery reports when messages are delivered abroad?
cheers loads folks :o)

Yes, it should get to them just fine. Not sure about delivery reports, never use them myself...

thanks a lot :) couldn't find anyone else who knew! thanks for your help.

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