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Going to the Birmingham AK gig would mean missing two Biology lectures, and not being able to get my catch-up notes until Thursday. That's too long. So instead, I'm going to my classes, and frisbee practice, and then going out tonight with friends. What's really annoying is that I have my ticket here - if I'd known that I couldn't go, I would've posted it to somebody who could use it (i.e. you). As it is, it's wasted :o(

Oh well, at least I get to be productive, and work hard for my degree, etc. etc.

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Oh well, at least I get to be productive, and work hard for my degree, etc. etc.

and convinced you do sound ;) like when i didn't use a Manics ticket I'd paid £30 for because I couldn't get the day off work and I convinced myself it was wrong to skip since I wanted a permenant position ;)

And look how well that worked out ;o)

On the positive side, it means I get to play Frisbee for two hours, and go out drinking with my girlie friends later. And I'm seeing the band on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I saw them last Saturday too, so... :o)

Hello, hope you are ok, I am a cow bag for not seeing you at xmas, I know, but was busy :0(. Work is horrible but hell its only another 5 months.I'll try and get round to ringing you soon, Love Becca xxx

You are indeed a cow bag, as I no doubt told your sister when I saw her :o)

Look forward to hearing from you - and I insist we catch up at Easter :o)

She never told me that she saw you!!!!! Yuo can have me at esaterI am not working, but I will be going to spain for a week. By the way I split with Merk, but have am seeing someone new now!!!! Spks soon!

Ooh... you have to tell me all :o)

Is his name Mark? ;o)

No he is not called Mark!?!?!?!! His name is Garth but is called Wadie due to his surname! And so far so good, so it will collapse in a week now I've told you!

Ohh babe I would have only gone if i could have seen you... so silly me not getting my ticket in time! And you're v.good for staying for your lectures, just make sure you stay away from icky germs when you go out tonight!


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