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Ooh, a sex bot....

sexp0t1225: Hi, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to chat? :-)
TheUnknownJames: Sure
sexp0t1225: asl (age sex location)?
sexp0t1225: 24/f/new york
TheUnknownJames: 21 / m / UK
sexp0t1225: i have a few pics on my site.. im not ugly.. look for elisabeth on that page. thats me.
TheUnknownJames: Ick, your nose is all wrong
sexp0t1225: so what are you up to theunknownjames?
TheUnknownJames: Pillaging
sexp0t1225: cool. i was just hangin out. kinda bord.. kinda horny :-)
TheUnknownJames: Since I have no genitals, I cannot get horny...
sexp0t1225: feel like cybering with me ? please please...
TheUnknownJames: But I have many wenches to rape, before burning down the village
sexp0t1225: ill just take that as a yes :-)
TheUnknownJames: Good for you.. Just hurry up - the wenches will get impatient
sexp0t1225: oh yes.. keep going.. while i slide my hand down between my legs and part my moist lips
TheUnknownJames: Groovy, I'll be in the corner randomly abusing small children - yay!
sexp0t1225: hoh it feels so good. i wish i could put your cock in my mouth
TheUnknownJames: Well you can't, my cock is only for animals, and minors
sexp0t1225: open my website so you can look at me while im sucking you
TheUnknownJames: I told you - you're not allowed to. Grow hair all over your body and maybe I'll consider it...

It was only at the end that I realised it wasn't a real person - boy was I stunned!

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heh, I get those all the time..

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