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Sleepy... But awake. Yesterday was physically exhausting, it really was... First of all I went to the practice with Smash & Grab, which was from noon until about 3:30pm... Lots of constant running around, and having to throw hammers, which I can't really do very well. Still, I improved, which is a good start :o)

So yeah, after training with them outdoors for over three hours, then Ed and I went to the indoor practice, so that he could play a bit. We did a corner cut drill, and a flow drill. It became quite obvious that Ed's shoes were so slippery that he was going to fall over every time he tried to change direction, so I gave him my shoes, and I played bare footed the whole practice - it wasn't bad, and nobody trod on my feet, so that's okay. The soles feel a little tender now though... :o)

Anyway, during the flow drill, Vicky talked Ed through the game a bit, and so when it came to actually playing games, he came on for the Light team. He actually did really well, he almost got a point block on me, and he almost beat me to a disc, which would have looked really bad. He got a few defensive blocks in there, and towards the end, he scored three points, which was great :o)

But yeah, he did really well, and Waggle threw several discs to him, which was nice of him. I was worried nobody would risk throwing it to him (as occasionally happens at the Smash and Grab practices to me), but he seemed to spend some time on the disc, and didn't screw up at all as far as I saw. People have been suggesting that he goes along to play for a local team somewhere, which would be neat :o)

Anyhow, that's more or less all I did yesterday... Five hours of Frisbee doesn't leave much time or energy for anything else... :o)

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Hi, was just wondering if you could remove me from newsturd's friends list, please?

Many thanks.

Not really, since that journal has nothing to do with me...

Oh, sorry, was sure you were the maintainer! Oops!

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