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So, last night... Ataris gig in Brighton. We arrived early enough that we were almost at the front of the queue, but it did mean we froze our asses off waiting in line. Once the doors opened, we went to the merch stand and chatted to Jason from Audio Karate for a bit, found out what the set list was, and then went to the barrier on the left side of the stage (well, it was right to us, left if you're on stage). Oh, and Jason gave Ed beer - I'm telling my mummy about that!

First band were Anti Freeze, and.. well.. they're not very good. No offence to them, they try hard, but their songs are unimaginative and boring. Plus, their members look comically like people we know, which means it's very hard to take them very seriously. Still, their set finally ended (I'm not looking forward to having to make my way through another four shows with them (Birmingham, Manchester, London, London)).

Next up were Audio Karate, and since we were stood directly in front of Jason, I took the liberty of stealing his guitar riffs, and I think I've now worked out a bit more of a couple of songs. Still nothing much, but I'm getting there. Their set went something like Rosemead, Drama Club Romance, a new song, Halfway Decent, Car Ride Home, Nintendo 89, Senior Year, Jason. The new song was really good - very lead-guitar intensive throughout, which gave it a depth that the other bands that night would never be able to accomplish...

Anyway, then it was The Ataris, who opened with Your Boyfriend Sucks, though I'm not exactly sure why - it's not exactly a great song. They played Takeoffs and Landings, which was less flat than the album version, but not by much. Can't be arsed to go through the songs in order, but they included IOU One Galaxy, 1*15*96, Between You and Me, Summer Wind, and of course San Dimas... They played most of my favourite songs, which was good. But I don't much fancy seeing them from the front at the other gigs - I've kinda got better things to do than have my back poked by 12 year olds. I'll probably see AK at the others, and then move to the back and have a few drinks. Much better plan :o)

But yeah, it was a good night. The average age of the crowd was about ten years younger than at the Vandals gig, and I genuinely was one of the oldest people there. It was all rather depressing, actually.. I felt like I was at an Avril Lavigne gig or something... :o)

Anyway, roll on Birmingham....


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