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Mohawks Rock

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and people wonder why students don't get taken seriously :-P

You wish you looked as cool as we do :o)

Good times. Good times.

Or, so it would appear. :o)

the one on the right reminds me of the blonde girl out of hear'say, well back when hear'say were around heh. fun pics :)

ok.... i was just wondering whether or not it was for some sort of function or something. like at my school sports teams dressup for game days and shit...i dunno

Well we're all on the frisbee team, but it wasn't really a team thing...

hey thats chill :-)

Chill is a verb, not an adjective

well around here its both

argh! no! the pretty girls! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

'tis only Penny and Vicky... :o)

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