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Why do I post more?
I post more than everybody else. Well, I think so, anyway. I post fewer updates than, say, David or Scott, but I write so much more per post. And lately, I'm posting several times per day, each one with multiple paragraphs and about a million different subjects. As opposed to tons of one liners ;o)

So anyhow, let's review today.... Well, I did pretty much nothing "fun", since I was working, until 7:30pm. However, at one point I did speak to Becca on the phone - made up with her, all is nice and good. She'll be coming to stay soon, I hope, which will be good fun. Then, back to 7:30pm again, I went to the on-campus cinema to watch Snatch with Lollo, James, Alex, Ben and Emma. So let's review that :o)

Excellently constructed, for starters. That bloke Madonna married sure can direct pretty bloody well. Specifically, the opening scenes involving the stealing of the diamond were incredibly well done, and the scenes part way through where Turkish and Tommy throw the milk out of the car and the ensuing stuff happens - amazingly well done. And Brad Pitt - Oh My God. Phenomenal actor, and yet another role that he was just absolutely perfect for. Vinny Jones surprised me by actually being very good in all aspects of his role. All in all, powerful characters, two likeable heroes in Turkish and Tommy, a brilliant character in Brad Pitt's Mickey, and basically, an excellent film which confuses the fuck out of you for the first half, and as it all comes together, you can't help but think that it's being brought together by sheer genius.

As for now, we might be watching Lock Stock, or I may just go to bed - I have four things in the morning, and I intend to attend all of them. A good night of sleep will certainly help me achieve that goal.

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I saw this movie few months ago at a Film Festival in Warsaw and loved it. Guy Ritche's movies are pure pleasure! And I agree that Brad Pitt is awesome and I don't mean here his looks or anything, though yeah, his chest.... *drool*..LOL Brad Pitt kicked ass in that role and everyone should finally stop seeing only acute face in him but start recognizing him as a talented actor.
anyway, I'm off to bed....

Interesting, I was going to avoid Snatch after the UK weeklies I get here panned it SO thoroughly ... sounds like it's worth the watch, evidently, so thanks for the review!

It's not too common that I come back from a movie and immediately order the DVD - only The Shawshank Redemption and American Beauty are examples of that, but I felt compelled to buy Snatch. It is so very good... Brad Pitt is amazing in it, and that's the only reason you need :o)

*HOOT!* Okay, I'll go for that. ;-)

Bit like Lock, Stock but love that so Snatch is ok. When Brad pitt wants to go into the burning carvan to save his mummy, aww I almost cried! But that was the last film I went to see at the cinema wtih Mark, but as its really good I don'tr think I'll have a problem watching it!!!!

Re: I like Snatch!?!?!

You almost cried?! Bah! Anyhow, how can Lock Stock compare, when it doesn't have Brad Pitt? I mean come on, it cannot possibly be as good a film... Plus, Snatch had so much truly quality humour in it :o)

Anyhow, you can watch it with me when you come to stay, and that way, you'll rid yourself of those horrible memories of that bad bad man :o)

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