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(no subject)
I really do love this song...
One hundred million reasons to
Ignore wanting to be with you
One hundred million eyes behind these walls
Watching you, hearing you, knowing you

Keep me a secret
Keep me out your arms
Keep my kisses off your lipstick
Stop me swallowing your charms

Keep yourself a secret
Lock up all your doors
I'll keep you out of my dreams
Just you keep me out of yours
I also quite like Tatu's cover of The Smiths - How Soon Is Now... I'm probably going to Hell for that... On the plus side, I do a nice cover of Private Eye by Alkaline Trio, that should make up for it at least a bit....

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Agreed - the best covers are almost always those which are significantly different from the original... After all, if I want to hear something that sounds like The Smiths, I'll listen to The Smiths. That's why I often quite like dance covers of songs - it's a song I like in a new style, it's often quite interesting to listen to...

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