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Hold on, I love you - very topical of me there... I went shopping today, and bought lots of stuff. A new mug, a new bowl, and a sugar pot. Plus loads of healthy food - bananas, milk, ingredients for meals rather than snacks, cereal... It's all very good. And right now, I'm sitting down with a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate, a luxury I've not had at uni in years... :o)

Brave new me...

Next little while will be eventful... AK gig tomorrow, two Frisbee training sessions on Sunday, AK gig on Tuesday, Frisbee on Wednesday, AK gig on Friday, Saturday, Sunday... That's five Audio Karate gigs in just over a week, not bad going.

Biscuits! That's what I forgot to buy.. Never mind, I have some hob nobs somewhere here.. I'm always prepared :o)

And now, having descended into random madness, it's time to do something else.....

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Friday you're here aren't you?

good good, just making sure my mind wasn't being, well, wrong on me :o)

Heh, no... By the way, apparently the venue has changed from where it was before. Could you check where it's meant to be now for me?

From Acadamy 2/3 to Acadamy 1, about oh, thirty metres to the left of where it was ;o)

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