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Heh, the standard of the porn spam I get is going down....

Probably never, right? Let's face it, you'll never have the chance to either since they're too busy bangin' rockstars and celebs.

Why not be realistic & go for the normal chicks that are wayyyyy easier to nail with minimal effort. Take Flick on the right for example, she's not the hottest chick but after a couple beers & she'll do just fine. Our site has 1000's more plain jane sluts in vids & pictures doing the unimaginable! No snobby cunt supermodels here! Just nasty fuck sluts! All of it for nothing!!!
Anyway, today is Valentines Day. Hey Rach :o)

At the risk of alienating everybody, can I just say that it pisses me off, the childish attitude so many people take towards this day. The people who decide that if they can't be happy for Valentines Day, that it therefore makes the day stupid and crap. Sure, there are people who object to the crass consumerism it represents whether they're single or not, but it's just irritating when people decide that the day is stupid because they can't enjoy it. Feel free to complain about being lonely, but trying to act all high and mighty and going off on anti-valentines-day stuff just because you're single is stupid, especially when half of you would be enjoying the day if you had somebody.

I have stuff to do today. Including, but not limited to, buying food for myself (since I have run out). I'm going to really treat myself, since I have money from my mummy... :o)

Anyhow, time to get on....

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well excuse me :P what can I say, I find it hard to enjoy a day that celebrates the exact same crap that always makes me seem to feel utterly awful way more than it makes me feel good. meh :P

"To them that hath, more shall be given." Fuck V-Day.

hey, i hated valentine's day even when i wasn't single. my girlfriend and i could share our loathing together...

Tough. Yes, Valentine's Day as it today stands is crass commercialism, in the same way as all other feasts and holidays co-opted by the Christians. I enjoy it exactly the same as any other day, since there is nothing special about it.

Mind you, to get back to its original meaning... didn't see you running naked down the street covered in goat and dog blood, Jamie.

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