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And still on music..... Tatu... WTF?!

I mean don't get me wrong - I have nothing wrong with music videos containing 17 year old Russian lesbians - it beats Justin Fucking Timberlake, that's for sure. But seriously, are these the lengths people have to go to in order to sell singles these days? It's been heading this way for a long time, and it was all inevitable - sex sells. Still, underage lesbians are just so obvious. I mean really....

Having said that, I actually quite like the song... But then who am I to judge - I also like the Girls Aloud (pop stars the rivals girls thingie) song too... You can tell I've done nothing for the last 7 hours other than watch music TV, eh? :o)

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Ah, but they've gotten the moral windbags (Daily Mail, Richard & Judy) up in arms. Which has just got to be worth it ;)

I believe Richard & Judy said it was targeting the "paedophile market". What, like its now a demographic that needs to be targeted? pfft.


Yeah, I don't object to it on any moral grounds - I just think it's way too obvious. But so long as it's annoying people like Richard and Judy, that's okay :o)

apparently they've been seen being all smoochy with a "top" Russian boyband. hrm ;-)

NEVER apologise for sending me too many messages. i check my phone approx. once every 30 seconds and misunderstandings like that shan't be tolerated. you should have thumbs the size of jam jars by the time i return. ;P

Grr, stop being online when I'm not around, you - it means I can't talk to you :o(

Talk to you tomorrow at 4 (Thai time)


Damn, that fucking song gets stuck in my head though.

"All the things you said, all the things you said..."

AHHHH! Make it stop.

I know, it's very catchy... I really like it - even without the whole underage lesbian bit... :o)

All the things she said is amazing, I love it. Girls Aloud is also wicked but it lacks the outright eurotrance insanity of the former.

And granted, the video might be a piece of tacky manipulation but it (maybe not intentionally) has an upside: Given how irrational Britain is towards paedophiles, it manipulated a lot of bigoted men into getting off on 14 year-old schoolgirls kissing in the rain, which pleases me :)

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