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Progress - Reality Check
Having failed to attend any Further Programming lectures after the first one, I've had something of a minor panic attack. Knowing that in a couple of weeks, I have an assessment due, I have downloaded the entire site, and am now reading through it offline. A few things strike me.

Much of what we've done lately was on GUIs, which I can do pretty well, since I learned GUI programming on VB. As such, there's a whole section on how to conjour up text boxes and stuff, which is easy enough. An entire week was spent on the stuff I already know on that subject, thankfully.

And then, the next topic in the notes (but not necessarily in the lectures) is about HTML. Woo fucking hoo, I can do that too. We're currently learning about "hot spots" (i.e. links). All easy enough. Thank God for that :o)

Ah, I love this stuff.... One passage reads:
There are tools which can generate HTML documents, such as Netscape Composer or Microsoft Home Page.

I recommend not using them!

As a software professional, being able to read `raw' HTML is very very very useful.

Instead, use a text editor such as Ved or XEmacs.

It's great to be told NOT to use HTML generators :o)

We're also being taught how to use CSS in all our documents - also very good. It's great to see that lecture notes written 3 years ago are still very relevant to today's HTML code :o)

Now we're working with gooey widgits. Uh, sorry, GUI Widgets. That's nice - the sort of stuff I was doing in VB years ago. I may have had no idea how to code, but I made up for it by spending my entire time making UIs. As such, I can do this bit standing on my head, just so long as I know how to "translate" the code from VB into Java :o) I'm so glad I know some OO programming techniques in advance :o)

Woo, now I'm only 3 lectures behind. However, I have done about 2 future lectures' worth of work (at the very least). Chas' sage advice was that I ought to get ahead, so that I can have more fun in the meantime. This is very good advice, which has also (it must be noted) been given to me by my parents. However, out of sheer teenage bloody-mindedness, I have to ignore what they say :o)

Right, there we go - I think I'm up to date now. I've gone through all the GUI stuff, and I now understand the various ways of doing them. I've also done Event Handling for applets, which means I can now respond to button presses and stuff. Wicked. Time to take a break :o)


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