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Heh, I love 3am... It means that the only good thing on TV is the news, which is just fine by me - I like the news. Especially right now - France, Germany and Russia are great. They've restored my faith in humanity, and in their nations themselves. Belgium, too, are standing up to the international bullies of the UK and US.

And the more the Prime Minister pushes for war, the less people are going to like him - he has to make up his mind whether to go to war anyway and keep his American friends, or to avoid war and do what the people want. Because if he acts without the UN, his career is pretty much over, and the country will not be happy.

Well, anyway, after watching the British news (which is firmly against war), let's go watch Fox News, which I'm guessing is probably pro-war, and see what bloodthirsty bullshit they have to say :o)

Update: I'm glad I don't live in the US - f'ing propaganda. Fox News (and the various suits on it) has the opinion that UN peace keepers can never work, that France and Germany are being used by Iraq to piss off the US, and talk about "perhaps" taking action under a UN flag. No wonder people want to bomb the country *sigh*

Update 2: The cheek - the daft bint on Fox News (who looks completely drugged up on some stimulant or other) had the nerve to ask a guy from the UK whether the British people would back war without a new UN resolution. Cue a very resounding "no chance". Without significant new evidence and a new resolution, practically nobody here wants to play soldiers with the US...

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I can quite honestly say that I'm far more scared of the US than I am of any terrorist organisation. The brainwashing is quite scary - almost every US news channel I can get here has "Terror Alert High" or some variation on the screen - as a constant reminder that everybody needs to spend their lives living in fear until enough black/asian/arab people have been killed to scare off any other terrorists.

my dad and I were laughing about that tonight as we heard it on the news. Dad- I don't feel as if the terror alert is high, do you? Me- not at all. It's decent living here as long as you don't watch the news:oP

i wouldn't count on Fox News as a reliable news source for anything, and that includes the time of day.

and in defense of americans, most of the people i know don't want this war. the government just doesn't listen because bush doesn't quite understand he's not going to be reelected due to his idiocy. he'd have a challenge in a game of checkers against a cucumber. in fact don't know of anyone actually for the war... we're protesting on saturday and there are signs up around nyc about protesting in times square the first day that bush bombs, which will certainly be interesting.

if anything, this whole ordeal is making americans more aware of who takes the votes...

cheers, I agree completely. Brainwashing, propaganda, whatever- it's ridiculous. Makes me yearn for the day when ol' Bushie is out of office- perhaps we can get someone in who isn't a warmonger and a fool. Heck, I'd settle simply for someone who wasn't a fool.

I like to think Bush isn't as stupid as he looks, and then I listen to him.

Yeah, people in my city are looking to bring it to a standstill on the first day of war, should that happen. It's neat...

But still, while there are lots of Americans against war, Bush still seems to be doing okay in the approval ratings, and the key difference that I can see is that the US media seems to back war - I think it's pretty much the only country in the world at present whose media does. Even the countries who've agreed to join in (the UK and Australia specifically) seem to be largely against it, with the exception of their political leaders...

But yeah, I know - Fox News is the most extreme of all the channels, which is exactly why I watch it. I need constant reminders of exactly what's wrong with the world, and why the whole thing needs fixing, and Fox News is exactly that :o)

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I want to go on Saturday, there's a *slim* chance that if there's enough support to pay petrol I'll drive down.
But don't hold me to that yet.

Of course, if you've got train tickets already forget it. If not, it'd be cheaper than getting them at the last minute.

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David's a Tory, it's not really his scene ;o)

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