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I miss..... (in no particular order)
American bread
My cat
Meals I don't have to cook myself
Nice hot baths
Summers evenings
Hot summer days on the hill at primary school
Being in love
My family
Enjoying feeling wanted
Being smart
0800 access Internet
Chris, Dan, and even Mike (occasionally)
Phil and Matthew
Having my laundry done for me
Not being £500 overdrawn
Knowing what I'm doing with my life
Having somebody else buy my food
Not being responsible for every little thing I do

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Hi, I'm a total stranger (called Dil) to you, but I happened to bump into your Journal today and thought I would leave a comment, since I love comments on mine. I miss being in love as well, but hey, Look at it this way: You'll be running after a girl in APRIL!!! And that's not far to go. Good luck!!!

Dilshini R Mendis

American bread, lectures, workshops and seminars SUCK. And you're still smart, so you can't miss that.

Other than that ... *hug*

American bread tastes slightly sweet, and I love the taste of it toasted with marmite first thing in the morning, when you're sat on your bed watching MTV on cable... Mmm...

American bread and the most English of condiments? VERY original. :-)

I miss u too webs, but not for long, teehee, soon we can abuse each other freely much ot the amusment of your family....can't wait, c u soon luv Bex %-)

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