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Holy Shit!
I astound myself sometimes, I really do.... I wanted to make sure that an abusive message I wrote to somebody (the guy flamed Siggy for posting off topic in AGRA and AGTS - the AA stick together and such) had managed to hit the server, since wasn't spitting it back to me on requests for new messages. So I did a telnet to, and was informed that they were up to Xref 42571. So I figured "OK, let's find my post". I was going to do an "Article ", but first decided to just guess a number. So I guessed 42565, just because heck, why not? And I got it first time - there was my message. I feel so proud that I managed to guess (at random) what Xref it had...

I may as well share it with you, not that anybody will be impressed with my being an asshole, but still... Message reads (please note, everything that is censored in this message was not censored in my original post):

Gunny writes:
Somehow, I was expecting an apology. Since you prefer to play it the hard way, you leave me no choice than to notify the abuse dept. of your provider. Sorry.

Can you report me too, you d*ck-sucking f*ckwit? Please alert my abuse department to the fact that I think, and am freely telling you in public, that I wish you a speedy trip to hell.
Wake up guys, anarchy times are over: you can't do as you please on usenet.
Yes we can. And we do. Now who is going to stop us? YOU? Lighten up - Usenet isn't this big serious thing, and alt.* groups especially. It's a place to have a bit of fun, and as a regular of AGRA for 4 years, and AGTS since its creation, I think I have more right to have that fun in these newsgroups than you do. So kindly bite me.
This is *not* your personal playground.
I think you'll find that AGTS most certainly is - the person to whom you are replying sent the original control message which created it, and as such has more right than any of us to mess about in it. Additionally, the charter cites the FAQ as the list of rules that should be obeyed, and in turn, the FAQ says that we can post off-topic if we wish.

AGRA is a different matter. As the person there who has been posting the longest (and who has, I expect, sent more messages to that group than any other person on the Internet), I personally consider it *my* newsgroup. I know people don't own newsgroups, but I'll bloody well not let some jumped up little NetKKKop w*nker like yourself tell me what myself and my friends can and can't do in it. Have a nice day.
James Webley

Ah, I love being an obnoxious shit. Shame I'm not really about on Usenet any more, otherwise I'd have been able to get into a real argument with him.......

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Yes, you're a true magician - your dissapearance has really convinced *many* :-)

Hey! I'm down to about 10 posts per day, give or take. I would say that's pretty good. I'm now only subscribed to AFAA, AGRA and AFUJ.

*HOWL!* Oh, that is art. ;-)

Nah. Firstly, I can do far better than that - it was a vastly sub-par attempt.

And secondly, there is a substantial difference between Flaming and Art. The former is perfected in alt.flame (or was last time I checked), the latter in alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk and Usenet Performance Artits (spelled deliberately like that to comform to their conventions) just cascade in (sometimes) amusing ways...

Oooh, time to join a couple more newsgroups, obviously. 8-)


This has been a public service announcement from The Unknown James, who would like to remind viewers that he is not, and has never been, affiliated with any trolling activity, originating in any of the groups mentioned or otherwise.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. We believe that. :-D

You can't prove a thing, thankfully... Unless you find my posting history, but you don't know what e-mail address I was using at the time, so Deja won't help you. Only I have the comprehensive list of all articles I've posted (all 16k or something...)

Where there's a will there's a way ... do I get a prize for this? ;-)

The prize is the knowledge of exactly which groups I used to post to :o)

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