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I had a dream that Jimbo got a spoon teleported into his head... As you can possibly imagine, the imagery was hilarious, and I spent most of the dream rolling around on the floor laughing, only getting up to move over to where the Frisbee people were hanging out, so I could tell them. Many of them found it similarly amusing.

Tomorrow/Today/Tuesday promises to be good... Vicky's birthday, among other things. It'll be busy - I have Biology, then Frisbee, then a quick recap of Monday's dancing, then Biology, then home, shower, food, drink, then off to the pub, then clubbing...


But it'll be fine. Though I've not slept yet, and I probably should. Well, I had a nap from about 9:30 to midnight, but otherwise, nothing. Have spent the rest of the time being uber-geeky and watching Enterprise - it really is a good show. Superior to all the other Star Trek series, in my opinion. It's far more character-driven than the others, and thankfully doesn't have the typical character who is trying to become more human (Data, Seven of Nine, the Doctor in Voyager, etc.). I mean, one episode was centred around the captain being worried about his dog - this certainly isn't Sci Fi based. And the Sci Fi bits that they do include are more like in-jokes for people who've watched the other series', rather than anything particularly new. All in all - good fun, one of the better things on TV...

Anyhow, I'm making bacon. Then time to sleep....


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