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A thousand ways to betray yourself
It's remarkable how few people actually want to see a video of me getting nekkid....

I got my Biology assessment back... I did indeed get 80%, as I suspected. Full marks on the programming part, 4/6 on the multiple choice. Then there was an unassessed essay, which posed the question
Say that an ecologist tells you that population density has no effect on the rate of population growth. Would you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer.
The introduction to my essay began
Were an ecologist to assert that populations grow independent of their density, this would most likely call into question the validity of their qualifications.
Against which the examiner has put a big exclamation mark, and said "True!", underlined and everything. I think I'm getting the hang of this informal essay writing... Anyway, I got 70% on that, which is a first. Overall, today has been a good day for Biology...

Oh, and Sophie told me that my hair looked good, which was cool.... And a few people commented on it when I went dancing afterwards. So yeah, swing dancing. It looks like I'll be treasurer for that too, which is good - it means it's another thing to put on my CV, so that I can prove that I did something at university, even if it wasn't my degree. As for the dancing itself, it didn't go too badly... Loads of people were missing, which was a bit annoying... And I kinda sucked rather badly at some of the bits, but I think I've got it all now. I'll go through it again tomorrow with Kyle, after Frisbee...

Anyway, after that performance in Biology, I think I deserve a reward of some sort. I have something in mind....


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