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I'll quit when I'm addicted
Several times today, I've been able to buy Red Bull, and have stopped myself. I still kinda crave the particular feeling as it goes down my throat, and the slight tingle it leaves... argh... it's odd though, it's not the caffeine in it, because drinking coke and other stuff makes no difference, and I've never once in my life actually craved coke anyway. It must be something else...

Need to kick Vicky's ass about whether she's living here next year or not... Otherwise, it might be me, Sarah, Maya, Lara and Quinn, on account of how all four are looking for a place to stay, and there's a vague link between them all... Maya knows Sarah knows Quinn knows Lara, and I know Sarah and Lara. Anyway... I'll have to talk to people about that - it would be a shame if I couldn't live with Vicky again though - it was so much fun two years ago..

Downloading yet more episodes of Enterprise, just for something to do.. I've finished DS9, Voyager and TNG (or, rather, I've downloaded every episode I have an interest in)... Almost done getting the Enterprise episodes I want... I've also completed my Buffy and Friends collections. And since I don't want to get into Angel, that leaves the Simpsons, and Futurama...

Oh well, el viaje misterioso de nuestro jomer... I went out for a bit just now, it was very quiet. It's weird, I live in the heart of the alternative centre of one of the most alternative cities in the country, and yet at 5am, the whole place is completely dead... It's very peaceful, no people, just quiet streets and stuff... The odd thing is, though, that I love Manhattan for the opposite reason - it's never quiet, it always feels totally alive. I loved walking around that place at night, oblivious to any potential danger, just enjoying the feeling of being there. Nowhere else I've ever been has felt quite the same to me - it felt very much like home, more so than anywhere else I've been in my life. 'twould be nice to go back sometime soon...

Anyway, I'm babbling, time to stop... 12 hours until my lecture, followed by swing dancing... Woo :o)

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you're a ginseng junkie. its so obvious now ;)

Yes. Kick her ass :p
And i thought Quinn was sharing with various random vegetarian people. Humph.

Maybe Lara is vegetarian, I dunno...

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