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A few hours ago, I was really pissed off, and all ready to start ranting on my journal about various things in my life, and a whole load of emotional shit. Then I went to sleep instead, and now I'm all happy again.
...And so darling for once please get clean for me, nothing else left I can say, when I refuse to say words that won't break through to you, deny when you see me, lie when you tell me I'm wrong...
Had three of my weird dreams last night - that's like, a lot. And they always make me feel happier with life. Plus, there's the fact that I'm off to Frisbee in about an hour, which is always fun - I might've missed some outdoor practices lately, but indoors, I love it... I love outdoors too, but I'm too lazy for it ;o)
...So I say goodnight to you when it's all been said and you know it's no longer left in me and there's nothing I can do, 'cause you're the only thing that I can see evolving into everything I need...
I worked out the whole memetics thing, and why the research papers are stupid. They're too advanced. I prefer to study the field laterally - I work something out, and rather than expanding on that idea, I move on to another idea. It means that nothing I research in it presupposes any specific knowledge of the field, which in turn makes it all accessible. After all this stupid maths degree, I've grown weary of needlessly in-depth study into something. That's not what people need - they need simple introductions to things, and that's what I seek to provide..
So stand back, lights on, I won't fail, when you're gone
Anyway, I ought to put some clothes on, and see about catching that train to campus... I'll nip up to the station to find out what time it's meant to be, since the last couple of weeks the whole thing has been a little weird...


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