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God Bless America
I hate when that happens.... Generally, I have little more than acknowledgement for America's existence, often contempt. But every now and again....

Anyway, so I was eating my breakfast, and I thought "You know, nice apple juice would go real well with this". So anyway, I poured myself a nice cool glass of apple juice, as you do, and after I finished my cereal, I had a big long drink. I then suddenly found myself thinking "Ah, this reminds me of good old America".

The reason for this is... well, reasons for this, are.... Well, aside from the fact that pretty much all I drank over there was apple juice, also, the weather is very similar to there right now. As in, it's quite chilled out there, but it's sunny and warm at the same time. The sky isn't nearly so blue as it was in New York, but aside from this minor detail, the weather reminds me of it. I dunno, I guess it's just all this stuff all coming together, which has reminded me of how much I loved it over there.

Know what I wish I was doing right now? Walking through Central Park in the direction of 86th and Columbus (or whichever N/S road it was), along the edge of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir, in view of the beautiful buildings along the upper west side, in the warm evening sun.... Grr, I miss that place so bloody much... Right, that bloody does it, I'm going to go back just as soon as I can afford it. So NYC can expect a visit from me in about 2030... :o)

The thing about New York was that I honestly felt that I belonged there, far more so than I've ever felt about, say, at home or here at Uni. No offence to either place, it's just that I really belonged in New York.... Hell, I even loved the dilapidated hellhole that is Queens, that's gotta be something :o)

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Good old NYC...

I feel your pain, I do. Although I wish I could go back there I'd rather go to California because I haven't been there before and I have been to New York, but I'd still go if I had the chance. Oh well, 9 more years and I'll hopefully be living in America...

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