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Okay, not wishing to be overly insensitive, but has anybody considered the fact that those astronauts might have been kinda lucky? After all, a handful of people in the world ever get to travel into space - I can see much worse ways of dying than in fulfilling that dream. I'd probably give up my life to be able to see Earth from orbit, to know that I've broken free of the edge of our world in a way that billions of other never will....

I mean, it's better than dying of syphillis, right?

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One could suppose that just about anything is better than dying of syphlis. One of my textbooks has photos *shudders*.

As for them being lucky- yes, lucky to have had the opportunity to go into space. Lucky to have died like that? I hope that it was over quickly.

I suppose if you look at it the way you do (as written here), we all have to die someday, why not go out doing something grand.

Yes... makes sense.

On that note, a question (out of curiosity): If you had to die while fulfilling a dream, what would the circumstances be?

I think that going into space is the only one that would work.

It was my first ever ambition - an (adult level) astronomy book was one of the first I ever read, when I was still learning in fact.

And if I was to die doing something I always dreamed of, it would have to be something pretty special and unique. The only other thing that qualifies would be being a rock star, and dying while being a rock star has been done too many times already.

I kinda like the idea of dying in space and never coming back down to Earth. That would be nice :o)

Of course, failing all that, I guess I'd settle for dying during sex, aged 108, with some 20 year old nymph.....

Or something

I didn't actually think of it as lucky, but I certainly did wonder at people's general shock and upset about it. So seven people were died in a transport accident? Worse happens every day on roads, and we just don't hear about it.

It's not a bad way to go, no. It'd probably be insensitive to say that directly to the bereaved: they're not going to be much comforted by the thought, but the rest of the world is placing it way out of proportion.

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