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I took a look at some memetics research papers, just to see what sort of stuff I'd actually have to write, both in volume and style. But to be honest, I couldn't get into any of them, and just looking at them managed to demoralise me. I've been reminded again that while I love thinking about the subject, I couldn't bear to learn it. Too many idiots in the field, with crackpot theories, while nobody bothers explaining the simple stuff, and the mechanics of ideas. It's dull, and tends towards an overly scientific viewpoint, which isn't the way to approach something that is relatively unbound by science.

So I threw them away, and just kept the contents pages, to give me a rough idea of structure and stuff. I might start putting something together, just as soon as I can drag myself away from the TV (read: shows I download off Kazaa in the absence of decent television). It'd be a simple thing, but still, it would be a start, and I genuinely believe that I have some fresh ideas on the subject, so...

I'm getting a craving to drink Red Bull - it's bad. I also have some Tuaca here (Vanilla Brandy), and I'm wondering what the two would taste like together. But I mustn't give in - I promised myself I wouldn't drink that chemical stimulant laden crap, and I'm going to stick with it. But I'm wondering if I should allow myself some on special occasions, because going completely cold turkey when it's not bad for me as such seems a bit harsh. No, stop it. Damnit, it always starts with making excuses. And trying to convince myself that it's not all that bad really. Well bugger that. There will be no red bull. Not even if offered to me free. Not a drop.

I feel healthier having said that, though I'll admit my main concern is financial - the stuff is too expensive to be drinking a can or two a day. Anyway, onto watching poorly written American sit-coms.....

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Here's an idea, you could always get a money jar, and the money you would of spent on Red Bull put away and then maybe treat yourself to something else.
I remember when i took myself of an australian energy drink called V i ended up with the dreaded tremors (sp?) from caffine withdrawls.
I do the kazaa thing to and download shows aswell.

Hmm, no side effects like that as yet, although I seem to feel restless rather often... As for the money - I would do that, except the money I would otherwise be spending on Red Bull isn't spare anyway - it's meant to go on other things. Rather than put it in a jar, I think I'll just buy healthy food with it instead... :o)

opps, forgot you were doing it to save money :p you're lucky you haven't got any of the withdrawl symptoms yet, just don't go and start drinking coffee instead lol


Never liked coffee, or tea... I should be fine :o)

red bull is evil. i really like drinking it with vodka, but damn if it doesn't giv me horrendous stomach pains the next day :\

(and no, its not the vodka that does it, because i never get it with other vodka mixers..)

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