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I can do better than pictures...

Video of my green hair

Anyway.... In other news, I got a penis enlargment e-mail, which had a link which said "Big Penis Here!". Hardly likely to make me click it....

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I want your dressing gown, it looks very fetching ;-)

Did you know that someone has planted a strip of lawn on your head?

Mum has offered to lend you our lawnmower.

Awww, surely the grass isn't that green on the other side of the ocean.

Cool video. And, it was linked in such a way that I was able to view it even from this shitty computer. Great work!

Love the strip mate.
Spam is the oddest thing, especially when you get the penis enlargements and you don't even have one lol.

stripe* sorry about that.

msn is playing silly buggers, sowwy :( anyway nicola says, next video, lets have less of the dressing gown. or she would say that if i let the horny little bitch anywhere near videos of you. :P and yay! now i can have pink hair!


Well maybe I'll have less of the dressing gown anyway, for you :o)

it's 3 weeks tomorrow. send me send me send me send me send me send me send me send me. now.

3 weeks tomorrow?

And I will send. But not right now ;o)

3 weeks tomorrow since the last time we saw each other... *sigh*

Uh, no, it's four weeks tomorrow. But nice to see you're keeping track ;o)

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